How to Build Your Own Worm Farm

Having your own worm farm need not be expensive to set up. If you are just starting out and want to try out raising worms without purchasing a commercial worm farm or bin, you can try these ideas.

Worm bin

This is simply 4 plastic bins or trays. The bottom tray collects the liquid which is leachate (see worm tea page). The other trays fit within each other. The top tray is turned upside down and acts as the lid. You will need to drill small holes in the lid to allow air flow (worms need oxygen). Also drill small holes in the 2 middle trays so your worms can move inbetween them.

Worm Bin Worm Bin Worm Bin

Worm house

You can see this is simply an ice-cream container with the bottom cut out of it and half buried in the ground. You will also need to drill or poke some holes in the lid. This is very simple, but really that's all your worms want, a safe place that doesn't dry out and that has a constant supply of decaying food scraps or other delights. One advantage of it being in the garden is that your garden variety deeper burrowing earthworms can carry the nutrients to other areas. Also if one of your plants is near the worm house they will greatly benefit from the constant supply of nutrients and will love to get their roots close by.

Worm House Worm House

Wooden worm box

As you can see this is a larger box. All you need is some scrap wood. Nail the sides together and and have them partially in the ground. The lid you can nail together also. Being constructed of wood you will not need to add extra holes as this material breathes better than plastic bins.

Worm Box Worm Box

Worm farm plant pot

This is 2 old plant pot containers. Very easy, just cut the base off one, half burry it, and use the other as the lid! This is very quick, cheap, and easy to regularly add food to.

Worm Farm plant pot Worm Farm plant pot Worm Farm plant pot

Worm farm planter

You know those old planters you no longer use, they make a great worm farm. Usually they have an internal tray so excess leachate (see worm tea page) can collect. All you need is a lid, which could be cardboard, wood, plastic etc.

Worm Farm Worm Farm

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