Is worm tea the liquid that collects at the bottom of the worm bin?

No,  this is leachate and is not the some as worm tea.  Some claim that it contains waste materials that could potentially kill plants, however many people do use it as a liquid fertelizer and report good results.  If you dilute it with water and aerate it for 24hrs it should be fine.

How do I make worm tea then?

You need

  • quality vermicompost or worm castings.
  • Some material that can act as a large tea bag eg. shade cloth, panty hose etc
  • water ( let it sit for a day if it contains chlorine)
  • a large bucket
  • an aquarium air pump, tubing and a stone
  • molasses (it helps increase the population of beneficial microbes)

Once you have brewed your tea for about 24hours, use it promptly, the sooner the better.  Dilute it, a little goes a long way!

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